What do fuckboys get out of betraying someone that genuinely likes them for them?

I've met loads of fuckboys even dated one for two years and it hurt breaking up with him because his the only guy I loved wasn't aware he was one until I noticed all I got was a booty call. He never took me anywhere apart from hotel rooms and the car backseat nor gifted me anything instead made my life hell but what joy do these guys get hurting someone that loves them and would do anything for them to be happy. In general I doubt it this guy will last with another girl like I put up with him.


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  • "but what joy do these guys get hurting someone that loves them and would do anything for them to be happy. " That's the answer to your question.

  • You are putting out for them. What do you mean "what do they get?" They get exactly what they want.

    • It's true hence why all I've been doing is rejecting men currently because I don't have the will power to deal with anyone else that is like that plus I wasn't experienced with men because that was my first ever relationship and boyfriend thats why I didn't know what a fuckboy was till I came across one and it took me one year to give the guy what he wanted and it was out of pressure but I guess I learnt a lot though realistically over time

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    • Guys pull that crap too. Look up MGTOW and tell me that you want to live like them. I've been hurt by women, but I also understand that I would not be happier shutting them out of my life.

    • You think all guys are like that? Watch your general statements.

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  • Shocking but it boosts their ego. No wonder they have a an excessively bloated ego. Also, plenty of free sex. My advice is, if they never introduce you to their parents you're just another sidechick to them.

    • I did recently tell someone to go out with a prostitute because normal girls don't get a down payment for their time, energy and everything they put into a individual and it's true but I am very happy currently because that guy had ego, was big headed, selfish, arrogant, stingy and insecure so he made my life hell and rubbed his insecurities on me but i am at ease now because of that guy I was probably crying for two years straight and I was depressed and unhappy because all the guy did was piss me off all the time and then make me feel guilty for his shit!

    • Good on you for being a badass and calling out on his shit! I'm so glad you're not with that guy anymore, you deserve better. There will always be fuckboys here and there but there are also good guys out there. Keep on rocking!

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