My ex is now talking to me a lot again.

My boyfriend of two and half years broke up with me a little over two months ago. He has a new girlfriend. He just started talking to me everyday through text messages. He occasionally calls me by his nickname for me. He says he doesn't like his girlfriend but he hasn't broken up with her. I don't know what to think of him texting me at least once a day. I still love him but he has a girlfriend. What do you think it means?


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  • The other girl is correct. He wants the best of both worlds. He shouldn't be talking to you since he has a girlfriend. If he wants you, he should break up with the other girl and be honest with you with what he wants. He knows your very available so you should change that. I wouldn't talk to him everyday because that's how emotions are brought back to life. If you want him back, then you should do it the right way. And talking to him when he has a girlfriend isn't correct. You wouldn't like it if the two of you got back together and he was talking to one of his ex girlfriends. Think about it and take care!


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  • He is trying to have his cake and eat it too. Tell him if he didn't want to be with his girlfriend he would have broken up with her by now. Then let him know you are here as a friend for him, but since he has a girlfriend nothing more. And stop responding to him every day. because he thinks he has you as a back up. Then when he askes why you didn't respond to his text the other day tell him you were busy. Another thing is I have a feeling you might still have feeling for him. If that's the case then ask him what does he want from you. If he wants to be more then friends then let him know he has to brake up with that girl.

  • if he truly wants you then he should break up with his girlfriend. What I think he is doing is trying to test wether he still has a chance with you. Maybe he is afraid of losing both girls. Myabe you could tell him straught out "if you want me back then you wouldn't have a girlfriend right now"... but don't say it just yet, wait because he might break up with her or do something else. good luck!

    • He finally broke up with his girlfriend last night and this morning he contacted me and asked if I would go bike riding with him. I went and we had a really good time. We rode for about an hour and then we ended up talking in the parking lot for about 3 hours about everything under the sun. He told me multiple times he was glad we went and said when I come home on the weekends we should do it again. I'm not sure what to think about everything.I still have feelings for him but I don't know how he feels :/

    • I def think he now wants you back for sure.

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