Is he going to come back?

ok, long story short my ex boyfriend and I have been or would have been together for a year and a half it was a very serious relationship. He has broken up with me 3 times now, EVERY SINGLE ONE OUT OF IMPULSE. The previous day he will be fine, everything will be great, we will be happy... and then whenever we get into an argument or something he just doesn't want to deal with or get emotionally overwhelmed by he chooses that it is easier to end things with me. He has come back every single time, a week or 2 later. When I asked him about it he said "I never really leave though it is more of an emotional break" ... and every time we get back to normal and he even says when we don't talk he becomes depressed. I know he loves me still he even says it when he breaks up with me.. He also has ADHD... Why do you think he just impulsively ends it? Do you think he is going to come back? Also first time he broke up with me was after a fight and I yelled "you don't treat me well enough" he got mad and ended it, second time "I saw a text on his phone I wasn't happy with and he ended it cause we were fighting. And third he ended it because he felt unappreciated because I wasn't imitating sex as much as him or all over him like he is to me (so he said). Also he recently moved away (same state just 10 hours away) for college but we were together for a year before that.
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He told me he wants nothing to do with me, which he has said before
Is he going to come back?
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