Need your valuable advices?

Don't know the exact reason but feeling very much emotionally sick
I want to stand up again in my life but it's not happening
What should I do


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  • focus on the good things you have, what you like or liked in the past.
    go out, don't be alone too much

    • Well. I am very much emotional type person but you know when you are not feeling good it became really tough to come out from it

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    • you made me laugh with your comment about titanic. on a good way xD

      ah, no. I'm only using psychology with a bit of sleepiness sometimes. i dislike these neo-feminists. they're far from the real ideologies. and even those ones were wrong in some cases.

What Guys Said 1

  • In still there I know how you feel
    Just be strong and stand up trust me

    • Yeah I try to be strong but sometimes it feel like something is really breaking you from inside

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    • It's been nice of you...

    • ❤️💕💕💕

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