Help me lose my pride and win my ex back!!

few years back I was with my ex for a year and half. during this time even though I really was in love with him, I was young and just kept on breaking up with him for no reason whatsoever even when he proposed I said no when I wanted to say yes.. I've always regretted this and the last6 months we have been hanging out as friends and he always talks about us and the past. I want to get back together with him and show him I've changed but will he give me another chance? oh and last week he kissed me and I kissed him back but we haven't spoken about it! shall I make the first move and bring it up or what? please help.


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  • I think you are best off just going with the flow. You need to take time to figure this all out and realize that it takes two to make things work in the long run. The fact that you didn't really know what you wanted and as a result kept breaking up with him and you expect him to always run back to you time and again. You are now friends as you say, since you are broken up. There may be feelings there but you do not want to end up as friends with benefits, as that you will always be at his beck and call.

    Only you know if you have changed for real and it will take a lot for him most likely to feel OK about going back into a relationship with you. He needs to know you won't hurt him again and if you decide after (if you get back together) that you want to break from him again, I doubt he will give you another chance. So make the best of it and if you really really want to get back with him, you will have to put 101% effort in for him to believe you.

    But for now, just see how things pan out and if he brings up the past again, then you have the key to telling him what you have been thinking and what you intend to do to prove that he should give you another chance.


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