Boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago and it’s leaving me very confused?

when he moved back to start college I tried to make plans to see him but he was always busy with school. He ended up moving in with family friends and he couldn’t go out past 9:30 I understood that and we worked with it, he was moved in 3 weeks and we only seen each other once a week or maybe run in to each other at college but that was it. He always seemed fine around me but I knew something was wrong, he stopped showing any affection, so I asked him over one night and after watching a movie I asked him if anything was wrong in our relationship and he said no, I told him if anything was wrong he could tell me, he got super quiet but said we were fine and started to show some affection, which lead me to believe we were fine. So the next week went on and we didn’t see each other, I asked to make plans to get coffee just to catch up but he said he couldn’t. So the next week I told him we had to talk and he agreed, So he picked me up and bought me coffee and then we talked he continued to tell me how he wasn’t happy, I asked him what I have done wrong in the relationship and he told me I did nothing I was a great girlfriend and he could actually talk to me and tell me things he couldn’t tell anyone else even his family. I asked if he wanted to take a break and he said no, he said we couldn’t be together because of college, so when I asked what was going on with college he wouldn’t tell me. During the break up he was holding my hand and then when I tried to get out of his car he pulled me back and hugged me and wouldn’t let me go. He told me how much he cared about me before I got out. A few of his friends have told me to give him space and time and he will come back, it has been two weeks and his Facebook profile is still me and him, When we do see each other in college he walks on, his friend told me it’s because he still loves me and misses me. This relationship was a first for both of us, His words and actions are not adding up and I don’t know what to do anymore.
During the break up I told him I didn’t want to be with anyone else but him, and he told me he cared about me and didn’t want anyone else either, but he hasn’t been him self for a while. I want him to come back but I don’t know if he will but they way he broke up with me leads me to believe there is a lot more going on.
I do believed he loved me because he made that word such a big deal, he said it was only meant for family and your wife, but one day told me he couldn’t go another day with out me knowing he loved me. He is a big over worrier person, and he stresses everything. I believe there are some family pictures problems he don’t want to talk about so I’m giving him space and not texting him and I’m going out and trying to get my mind off it all, but I still worry about him.


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  • It doesn't seem like you did anything wrong. It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants to do so he is pushing you out. Maybe he thinks he isn't good enough for you.

  • I can understand your frustration it does seem as though he is confused and conflicted by something that is yet uncertain. The best thing you can do for yourself and for him, is to allow him more time and yourself time. Space gives you the time to realize how important things really are to you, it allows you to see from a different perspective so in due time you would know the truth behind everything. In the meantime spend time with those who makes you happy and with your self, do things that makes you happy whatever is that you enjoy engage into new hobbies and new activities


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