Anyone else upset you're paying for?

Michelle Obama's vacation to Spain? I can't imagine even what that has cost the taxpayers. I know Air Force One costs $180k alone just for her to GET THERE, let alone the Secret Service detail, hotel costs, the friends she brought along. This is probably a cool million dollar+ trip.


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  • how about you focus on increasing your own income instead of worrying about that

    • I pay 38.3% a year of my income to the government. Now I am going to have to give even more of it away under Obama. Since we all have to share.

    • Ok, but people put way too much energy into something they have a miniscule control over rather than focusing on getting more skills and getting a better income. If people spent half the time they do arguing and getting p*ssed off on study or work you'd make back that money. If you don't like the tax you can always move too

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  • Yes,I'm upset.I'm still upset Obama is even president,I'm upset the Obamanator administration hasn't done sh*t to help the country.

    To each their own.

    ADD:To the flaming liberals who want to lecture me,save it,I don't care.

    • He's the "Anointed One". I love how she advocated people should vacation in the Gulf, and they went to Maine instead. Then Obama goes to Chicago it seems every other weekend for baseball games and birthday parties, etc. She is not a private citizen, so why are the private citizens paying for her vacations? This is a flaming liberal site, so I am expecting some backlash from this question. But I just wanted to know if anyone else thinks this is inconsiderate of her and just stupid.

  • Yeah but it's happened all throughout history, even with our oldest presidents. They all take vacations and spend tons of money on galas, and suits and meals.

    Government = Power. Power = Money.

    It's unfortunate, but it's society.

  • Yes, down with the system!


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  • I don't like a lot of things that happen to me. Like my father always told me, "Expect to get f*cked in life." There are barely any honest people out there, and the government is the biggest thief of all, but what can you do? They could call you a terrorists and lock you up for life with no trial. Pretty much they have us by the balls, always have. Those with the most guns make the rules.

    Now if you don't believe any of this, look at what happened to the Native Americans. If governments can wipe out entire civilizations without batting an eye, what do you think they do to one person who wants to rebel? You ain't sh*t. So sit down, do what you're told, and be grateful that they even let you live.

    • Your father is a wise man. I am a little mad also that Feisal Abdul Rauf, who has said U.S. policy was in part responsible for the 9/11 attacks, is headed to the Mideast to 'help people overseas understand our society' and the federal government will be picking up the tab. Is this a joke?

  • haha write your senator

    • Glad you don't mind footing the bill for it, I certainly do.

  • Yes this is bad, but it is not a partisan issue.

  • Stop whining. There are more important issues to worry about. There are two wars, an environmental disaster and terrorists to be concerned about. Instead, you choose to fuss over someone else's vacation

    • Yes, war's that Obama isn't listening to Generals about. We are understaffed, under funded and he doesn't seem to even care about how to win the war- he just wants the troops out. The BP spill is a joke, something should have been done about this long ago. Especially since there was faulty inspections and cover-ups. I work hard and pay a lot in taxes. I'm not paying for that ugly woman to go to Spain. I already pay for enough illegals and lazy people. Not footing lavish vacations. Sorry.

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    • Are you retarded? This is a HELP website. Not a DATING website.

    • "Girlsaskguys" is dating oriented, and just about every category for question topics is dating oriented. Even taking your claim as truth, you don't seem to need help. All you want to do is find people who side with you in their dislike of Obama (and I agree that he's made MAJOR mistakes). Cursing me out accomplishes nothing.

      I admit, maybe my use of the word "whining" is a bit much, but there are better places to vent frustration. Have you considered writing op-eds for your local paper?

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