He hasn’t changed his profile picture?

It has been 2 weeks since the break up! We both really loved each other, he broke up with me because he said he got a lot going on right now. But his Facebook profile picture is still me and him. His close friends tell me he don’t want to talk about me and him and that he’s very upset about the breakup even though he left me, his college friends tell me he still loves me and misses me. Both groups of friends have told me to give him space and time he will come back. So Is he not changing it because what they are telling me is true?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Hmm i think probably he's testing himself if he really loves or he's testing you if you are able to move on or wait till his mind gets clear so he knows that your the one

    • Well I have been waiting for him to change his so I still haven’t changed mine yet either.

  • Maybe he isn't worried about it because he is not focused on it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Perhaps he doesn't want to draw attention, people are VERY nosy when it comes to Social media, just because he broke up with you doesn't mean he lost the love for you. So he could very well be going through tough change, whether he does come back or doesn't, its best to give him the space we need. If you're willing to take him back if he comes back then thats fine but don't just wait for it to happen. Get on with your life!


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