I have terrible anxiety?

Ok i have the worst anxiety ever. An every time i see a gorgeous chick my hands get all sweaty and i hear my heart. An i ramble like im doing now and all i wanna know how do i make it stop?


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  • Imagine them taking a MASSIVE SHIT.

    • Whatever you do, do not imagine them taking a MASSIVE SHIT-- then you'll just be simultaneously anxious and disgusted.
      The best thing you can do is to remember that she's also human and that there's beating heart in there, too-- just because she's beautiful doesn't mean that she's a robot. The odds of her responding and being at least friendly if you can calm down enough to talk to her are fairly high. If it's the actual mental condition of anxiety that you're suffering, then see a doctor; if not, you're just severely nervous-- nothing that a few deep breaths and a leap of faith couldn't fix. Good luck bro!

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    • New band name?

    • I'm expecting an EP to drop immediately.

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