Will he ever even try to talk to me again?

We started out liking each other. Then I wanted to express my feelings. Never said nothing in anger. He didn't like it. To be told to do something. I wanted to be more in public with our relationship he wasn't. Broke it off then back again. 10 months of seeing each other. Texted and sent pictures even though we lived apart 3 1/2 hrs away. He knew I loved him though. Would do anything. For him. I knew of him 12 years back. And after 8 years of not seeing each we kinda reconnected. I loved him and he knew this. Got upset that I didn't see him one time. didn't let me say anything and then we were done. Told me to move on.. didn't love me.. he was moving on. But said early didn't hate or still friends.


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  • there is a chance but likely hood is he wants you to move on like he is and forget him

    • This was a week ago. So its very fresh on my mind and heart. Deleted from fb.. its so hard. We did have things in common and we did like our company. If I didn't keep pushing for answers he might off had time to cool off. But I wanted answers. And pushed too hard.

    • Maybe but I would look at moving on

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