Did he basically say "yes, I was jealous."?

Backstory: me and dumper are not on talking terms. dumper messaged me telling me to stop doing (certain thing) because of his jealousy. He lashed out. I later asked him why he randomly lashed out. I figured he was jealous. I texted "why did you randomly lash out on me tho?" He said "I'm sorry I was mad" I said "just because I did that?" ("That" is the certain thing I did that made him jealous). He said "yes." By that, did he basically say "yes I was jealous"?

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The certain thing I did was message his friend. Ex said "don't ever talk to my friends again bitch"


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  • There's a guy in here that posted basically the same exact story


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  • He could have emotional issues and also I don't know how you got hold of his friends number. Sounds like he thinks you invaded his personal space and may have issues. I'd just try and let it go.

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