Is there a way to never fall in love again?

I know this is a weird question and it may sound a bit childisch.

Everyone I know around me has been loved by someone else, unlike me. No boy ever came up to me and asked me for my number or told me I was cute or something else in that direction. I have to admit I'm very shy, but even those guys who know me better, for example the ones from my class, think that I'm weird (partially because of my sense of humour). It doesn't help either that 2 of my friends are popular and beloved by many guys.

The guys that I liked never liked me back. One of them was an complete ashole and made fun of me but acted all nice infront of others. Which is why I never told anybody for years, since I thought they wouldn't believe me. However he was my first crush and I never had feeling that strong again.

There is no one that ever loves me back but this doesn't stop me from falling for them. It is devestating and my heart hurts. I don't want this anymore neither can I do this any longer. Which is why I am asking what I can do to stop falling in love...
Is there a way to never fall in love again??
Is there a way to never fall in love again?
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