Is this a good apology letter?

Long story, but I'm apologizing to ex girlfriend and trying to patch things up, and I need to some independent feedback on whether this is good or not. Sorry if it's kind of emotional. It's too long to fit here so it continues in the update below. Thanks

Hello. It’s me. I know I said that I wouldn’t contact you again unless you wanted me to ad spoke to me first, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take one last stab at what I’ve been trying to say before packing it in. I’ve been thinking about things lately, and I just feel like I can finally express myself clearly now. Firstly, I know that you had feelings for me, and that I was immature at times and came off as a dick without meaning to. Once again, I truly apologize for that. As I’ve said before, I never meant to hurt you. I think on the whole we were both immature at times and didn’t just talk to each other when we should’ve. I understand now that I hurt you and disappointed you when you had feelings for me and that is why you don’t wish to speak with me. Secondly, even though I understand that it probably really is over now and you may think this is silly, I miss you. Definitely not as much as I did before, but I still do, because I feel like we got along quite well once and I enjoyed talking to you then. Like I said before, I didn’t act sooner because when I was younger I was shy and unsure of your feelings. It’s not an excuse, it’s just how I was. Thirdly, I wish we could have just had an honest conversation with each other a long time ago and sorted things out, but so be it. Fourthly, in the near future, if you feel up to it, I would still be open to talking and sorting something out, as I’ve learned a lot about myself now and have had fun in life and feel like I’m ready to really talk, and hopefully you are too. If you don’t wish to I understand that too.
Finally, I’m sorry if you feel like in the past I was harassing you and acting rude. I didn’t mean to come off that way and make you uncomfortable, I was just trying to make things right and apologize because I genuinely liked you and I knew you felt the same way, but I did it in a clumsy and melodramatic way. I remember that the first time I apologized to you at school you seemed quite happy about it until I got nervous and botched it, so I know that you did want to forgive me before and talk
things through at one point. So that’s all I have to say. Like I said, if you feel ready to talk, I’d like to and I think we could at the very least end things on a cordial and honest note, like mature adults. Goodbye for now, and like I said before, keep having fun in life.


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  • What do you hope her response will be?

    • Well, I hope she'll unblock me and talk to me again. The story is, we were friends and were getting into a relationship [so guess technically I shouldn't call her my ex-gf] but we got mad at each other over something stupid and stopped talking to each other. I tried apologizing and she seemed happy when I did but then I got nervous and screwed up the rest of the apology, so I tried apologizing again over FB but she got angry and denied having ever had feelings for me and blocked me. I've left her alone for a couple of months but I'm hoping this will explain things and get her to open up and talk to me again.

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