Is writing an apology letter a good idea?

I haven’t seen this girl in a few months and we fought about something stupid and my first apology didn’t really work because I was nervous so I was wondering if a letter might work. I really want her back in my life because we ended things due to a misunderstanding that I’ve tried to explain.


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  • Giving an apology to someone should be for both of you. When you write someone an apology letter, you have to come to terms that she might not accept it. With that being said, apology letters should be about you (in a way). When I write apology letters, it’s my way of finding closure. I don’t care if the person accept it or not because to me, I just want them simply to realize that I made a mistake and am sorry. By writing a letter it shows that you’re ready to own up to your mistakes. It’s a mature thing to do, however, if she doesn’t answer don’t lash out. It also might be something she wants or needs. Contrary to what many g@gers might respond but just because she blocked you doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to talk to you. I’ve blocked exes for many reasons but I’ve always waited around for them to reach out. Remember, simply apologizing should give you some peace of mind and be able to move forward.

  • It could work, but it's always better to apologize in person so she knows you mean it.

    • Problem is she blocked me for a while, and I don't think she'd be wiling to see me in person right now, otherwise I would see in person.

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    • Thank you, I’ve been worried that she’ll think I’m being creepy so it’s nice to know that someone thinks it’s a decent idea

    • It wouldn't be creepy. Just write exactly how you feel. She'll understand.

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