RAPE is it all a perfect coincidence or just the perfect lie?

I have an ex girlfriend who said she was raped. I'm still in love with her. How often do women lie about being raped?


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  • It's rare for women to lie about rape. I doubt she is lying, she just trusts you enough to share her past.


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  • Probably hardly ever. It's a traumatic experience and not something to take lightly. It's not a game.

  • Rape is a serious crime. How can it be a perfect coincidence?

    • Because this was her sisters husband whom she would go out drinking with when her sister didn't want to go. That's how I meant that

  • Not very often.

  • It is very rare for a victim of rape to come forward, and even rarer that a woman would just make up a lie about being raped.
    Unless there was something completely untrustworthy about your ex's story, I'd take her for her word and hope she was getting any help she may need as she heals.

    • Thank you so much for an honest opinion. This is what I have been thinking about and I've been doing so I'm just going to keep it up.

  • Why would a girl lie
    Honestly I would never date a guy who thinks girls lie about it or it's a perfect lie

    • You can't think of a single reason a woman would lie about being raped? Also if I wanted your opinion on the types of guys you would date I would have asked.

    • Why are you anonymous?

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