I think my ex wants me back?

My ex and I been broke up for 1 1/2yrs we have a child which he don't see.All this while he's been saying really off the wall things about me.Its like are you serious its bee how long now and he still talks crazy things.He bought me a ring and said he couldn't loose me,professed his love for me,told me he never felt this way for anyone.Well I dumped him because he will never change.I had no contact with him since that day.A month later he was with someone and that lasted a year,he dumped the girl.He told his other ex who he has kids with that I supposedly told his father he can come back to me.So untrue!A month ago I moved into my brand new home and two days later,which was also two days before a show cause hearing for child support he showed up at my house.He knew where I moved to because he was looking at my Facebook.How I know this,is he actually commented on my status and he deleted it but it showed in my email what he put.Apparently he was checking up on me,reading my Facebook wall.So he showed up at my house,and was telling me how sorry he was for everything,but didn't say what for.I told him I didn't believe him.He didn't care if I did or didn't,he said its been bothering for a long time.Then he was looking at my house from the outside saying "wow" and asking questions about it.He didn't even ask to see our daughter,so I'm thinking he was trying to butter me up for court.Because if he so sorry why is he still being a deadbeat and not seeing our daughter?Could he be too hurt to even see her?He has been acting really out of control lately drinking from what I have been hearing.Its like I don't even know him anymore.


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  • i read the first few lines only, and it sounds like your a minority. he just wants more sex and will knock you up again. what kinda guy knocks a girl up and then wants more of a relationship with her without taking responsbility for his bastard child? he's garbage, move on,


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  • he seems like a bad father for not visiting his own daughter very much

    you can be the judge of how well he treats you and if you think he has changed for the good

    even if he wants you back, you can decide if you want him back or not

    good luck

  • Wow sounds like a difficult case here. This is a great site but I don't think there are that many people on here that have been in at least similar situation as you :(

    Did he have kids with his other girlfriend after he knew you were pregnant? If so then he is a strange guy... I'm sorry.


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