Was he lying about being jealous? If so, why did he lie?

Ex who dumped me messaged me "don't talk to my friends again b*tch" he's never called me names. And "what the f*ck is wrong with you. I know you messaged (his friends name)" I said "I messaged him ONE TIM and it was A WHILE AGO". Ex then blocked me and later apologized. I later asked him "why did you randomly lash out on me" he said "I'm sorry I was mad". Then I asked "ok... were u jel" he said "lol no." Was he jealous, and lying? Why?
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  • Maybe he doesn't want you to bother his surrounding friends and leave him and his friends alone, maybe that wasn't jealousy at all.

    • But what about how he never called me names. He was also a forgiving person but when I apologized for messaging his friend (before I told him I messaged him once only) he said "no I'm tired of this" like he didn't forgive me. Now when I ask if he forgave me he said yes

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    • Ok. Thank you

    • You welcome. Good luck :D

  • Guy sounds like an idiot if he's got a problem with you speaking to his friends surely he shud mention it to them not freak out at you

  • Maybe he & his friend have a secret that you almost uncovered O. o


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