Advice on how to be around an ex?

So I need advice on how to be around him as we have a 6year old.
So back story is: we had been together since high school. (18yrs) I have always accepted his unacceptable behaviour due to my lack of confidence. He wouldn't leave me alone the last time we split up. So when I eventually gave in and gave us another chance I told him we wasn't starting a relationship based on lies. (He had been dating/had a girlfriend, but I only found that out after we had started dating again. So great start huh? ) he then told me it was over and he want me and our family. I told him if he lied/cheated/ disrespected the relationship/me again I would leave and never look back. Anyways, last April (we lived abroad by this point) I found out he lied, he has been in contact with this girl the whole time we have been back together (who wants him and our daughter to be family) anyways, I got plane tickets and left. Not looked back. Even being back in my home country, he didn't want to accept we was over, messaged/called all the time, had his own single selfish life and blamed me for the broken family. He has finally admitted to a lot more... I don't know why, but lets just say I despise him and his selfishness (he even thinks being a semi absent father is good for our daughter). Now I have to partially see him in a few weeks, he is visiting his daughter for a whole week (yay. Not, because then he goes straight on a boys holiday for 2/3 weeks. He has only seen her once in a year)
How do I act around him? I absolutely hate him for what he has done to me and our little family. I dont bad mouth him in front of our daughter. But I have never been so livid.
He has made me feel I am at fault and ugly. He doesn't respect my career (nurse) and I just want to show him I am better without him, I am okay, our daughter is okay and just kind of "kill him with kindness"' any advice appreciated!


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  • As you would wish him when around you. Life is simple

  • fake flirt with someone he doesn;t know

  • You don't have to be


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