How to break up with a girl whom u dont like anymore because of her bad and annoying habits?

There's a girl I am dating who works in the building next to mine. We met on a dating site. I think everybody tries to be their best when they meet someone new. I liked her too in the beginning. But she is getting onto my nerves now. She would call every time from her office whenever she gets free time between work. And my work includes greater responsibilities and it gets affected when I talk to her in the middle of my work. Also she gives me threats that she wouldn't talk to me if I don't pick up the phone. Once I didn't pick it up just to see if she would call again. She called an hour later. There are many more things that annoy me and I can't disclose here. Advise me how to get rid of her without breaking her heart.


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  • she is head over heels in love with you, from that beginning stage of dating, love hormones makes some people a little cray. Later it will quiet down as soon as she knows how annoyed you feel about that. Its part of a real relationship, to discuss each of your feelings with each other and list the boundaries they cannot cross in order to make a successful relationship.

    • So u suggest that I continue the relationship and clearly tell her how annoying she is?

    • if you are the type to work on relationships instead of quitting at the early stages. it really depends on being open in communication between you and her.

    • Well this is my first time and I am still confused whether to look for someone who can understand me from the beginning or continue this relationship with necessary riders being given to her from time to time.

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  • Friend zone her. Almost inevitably someone's heart is gonna get broke that's why it's a break up. Tell her you want to be friends and she can take it how she wishes


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  • "Im sorry but I just found out I'm into guys."

    • I didn't get that.

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    • poor you then. haha. You just need to be more straight forward with her how you feel and see how things go from there. peace im out.

    • Hmmm.. I should do this only.. thanks for ur suggestion dear

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