Does my ex girlfriend regret breaking up with me?

about a month ago my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me. The past year has been long distance due to me being in the military. She said that she didn't feel happy anymore and needs some alone time. At first I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do. I was an emotional wreck for a week, texting her saying that i was miserable and that she's all i think about. She said she felt the same way but we shouldn't be texting so we can get over each other.

i went no contact for about 3 weeks to keep myself busy which went pretty well. I even stopped paying attention to her social media while she would still like some of my tweets on twitter. She even dm’d me on twitter thinking i subtweeted her but she said she was drunk and apologized for messaging me. Then she started texting me occasionally to check on me to which i replied with short answers not really tryna to talk and end the convo.

I felt like at this point I was in control of the breakup because I haven't reached out to her since week 1. Whenever we would talk it was because she texted me first. She even texted me asking when I planned on coming back to visit because she wanted to see me.

Well today she texted me asking if she could talk to me to which i replied “about what?” She said never mind and that it was nothing. I didn't reply for a few minutes and she said she had a mental breakdown and just wanted to talk to me but realized it wasn't a good idea. I agreed, saying that Im not the best person to be talking to about your problem and asked if she tried talking to her other friends. She seemed kind of annoyed and told me that she didn't want to see me when I came back to visit and that she won't bother me anymore. I told her if thats what will make her feel better then thats ok and if she changes her mind ill still have her number.

Does she miss me/regret breaking up with me? Am I being an asshole for ignoring her? Deep down I really do want her back but she’s the one who broke it off and said we shouldn’t text...


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  • You are doing right. She broke up with you. When you were giving her attention she acted all mature and now that she feels you are moving on , she is poking you. It’s all mind games. If she ever wants you back seriously she will say it directly instead of just poking you now and then


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