Why would the ex stare at you?

Ex girlfriend breaks up with me months ago. Just curious why she would stare at me when I talk to girls and try to be obnoxious in class to try and grab attention? Everybody notices it.


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  • Probably still caught up on you and doesn't like that ur getting all this attention. It takes a girl a little while to get over a break up.


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  • Lol
    You got it easy
    When I broke up with me ex she was already a Jelious type, she even went through my emails trying to find something eventually she went through my spam and just assumed I had been cheating on her the whole time.
    I told her to stay out of my life go away and leave me along then I changed my password and blocked her , I cut her out of my life completely and I an stress free now and I am happy to be single, both my ex girlfriend made my life a living hell, I was depressed, stressed out I even gained weight.
    When I got ride of all the drama I lost all the weight and stress and haven't even depressed at all, I am happy in my life once more since getting rid of them, I even lost all the weight and I am in the best shape of my life.

    It is best to leave behind e everything bad in life and move forward regardless of how they feel about it.

    • What if you see her all the time

    • Lol I moved away , but if I saw her all the time I would have to be an asshole to her because it was her fault not mine, I have always did all I could for my lady's and if she can not treat me as I treated her the I do not waist my time
      I ignore her and move along and if she don't like it that's not my problem.
      The truth is if you have to be an asshole then be one.
      She will move on eventually if you ignore her enough.

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  • Jealous or intimidated or hating.


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  • Just because she doesn't want you anymore doesn't mean that she wants someone else to have you. Most likely once you get a new girl interested in you she'll come back looking for attention. My suggestion is if you like her, let her back in, but if you don't forget she exists

  • Ex's are a curious thing. We may never know


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