Unfollowed my ex on Instagram and the next day they made their account public?

I recently unfollowed my ex on Instagram, and the very next day I noticed they made their account public. They haven't had it public in a while.

We recently broke up because I found out he was seeing someone else besides me. I confronted him about it, and then things ended. We spoke about a month after that, but he's in a bad place mentally it seems, and he said some cruel things to me. I said my peace and wished him well.

I know that he was still hanging out with the other person after we broke up, but I didn't really care anymore and have been in the process of moving on. Recently I unfriended him because I didn't want to look at his stuff anymore online, and plus I felt he was wrapped up in the other idiot (which by the way I think that ended with them.)

Then today he made his account public. Just curious as to why if he was so rude to me as if he didn't care. The other girl still follows him by the way, and he doesn't follow her. lol


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  • he's just saying that he's through... or that he wants to make you Jealous

  • thanks for wasting 20 seconds of my life... ps: 101% sure him doing so has nothing to do with you

    • And you wasted 20 more seconds writing that pointless comment.

    • But pls tell me how the hell anyone except him can know why he did what he did? Haven't seen any mind readers arround here, or anywhere else ever for the matter of fact.

    • Its a general question. If you don't agree with it then don't fucking answer it dipshit. Seems like all you want to do is be a troll on here. Fuck off.

  • So the question is?


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