How to get detached from a guy?

Ways to get over a guy quickly..
I really love him, but I want to move on


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What Guys Said 2

  • Forget about love itself let it go try out some sport or activity that you enjoy and focus your energy improving yourself.

    • I constantly go to the gym, but ever since we split up I haven't been able to focus

    • That's the reason why try something competitive. I would suggest you either handball or volleyball is good for young girls, I am sure there is a team around you that you could join. The atmosphere would definitely reach you if by any chance you take my advice and honestly give it a try

    • That sounds like a good idea

  • Who do you want to move on from?

    • This guy

    • Hm, well if you want to get over someone you have feelings for, you're going to distract yourself somehow. I suggest you go out and meet new people. If he was someone you had a lot of contact with, cut it.

      Doing something you love to do also works best, something that you were content with doing before you met the person your talking about. The basic idea is to go have some fun again without him.

What Girls Said 1

  • You delete contact
    Get rid of made up fantasies or excuses for his behavior
    And focus on yourself.


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