Why is my exs buddy always driving by my house?

Okay, short version. I dated a guy for several years. "D" During that time, my half sister was dating a guy "B" and these twords became buds. My half sister and B broke up. Months later, I suspected (and was right) "D" and my sister had a thing. Yes, "D" as in my boyfriend. I ended it and it came out in the next couple weeks she was bragging about sex with "D". Okay, so... it's been a yr since I cut ties with all of them. Including my half sister. " D" tried to get me back and I declined. He denied relations with my sister but I know. Well, I know "B " has heard by now his good buddy,"D" slept with his ex/child's mom. But here's my question, why does "B" keep driving by? He's still friends with my ex to my knowledge. So, I wonder if he's driving by bc he wants to ask about me breaking it off with his friend due to what went down. .. or he's keeping tabs... or something else maybe. He never stops. He doesn't speak. He's seen me looking at him and I've nodded and he just gawk then goes on. FYI I lI've over 12 miles down back roads & no where near him (over 30 min away).. so it is intentional.


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  • May be expects something from you


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  • Cause that’s his way home. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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