What's the point in blocking someone on Facebook just to unblock them?

So my ex and I broke up about 3 weeks ago. He gave me the lame excuse that he was too stressed out with life to continue on with a relationship. It definitely wasn't a mutual break up. We were together for two months. I later found out he was on the dating site we met on after he broke it off. I was pretty p*ssed off cause he said he couldn't be in ANY relationship. So I decided to give him a piece of my mind and I sent him a pretty enraged letter via Facebook. I called him a coward several times and stated that it p*sses me off that he couldn't present me with the real issue of the break up. He, of course, did not respond to that message. Then deleted me from Facebook and a day or so later blocked me. I laughed and was like whatever.

What's the point in blocking someone on Facebook only to unblock them later? At first I thought he deleted his Facebook after I sent the letter, then I realized it when I was logged out that if you block someone, they don't appear in your search listings so their profile is unsearchable and it's as if the profile isn't there. Well, I was looking through my sent mail today and his profile shows up and I'm actually able to click on his profile. On facebook you have to go through settings and unblock someone. So I'm not sure why he would block me then decide to unblock me a few weeks later. What's the point? I would think the only point of unblocking me is so he can look at my profile to see what I am up to or if he is gonna try and contact me on there. If I wasn't gonna talk to someone again, I wouldn't go through the liberty of unblocking them.


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  • Similar situation happened to me. I got dumped about 2 months ago. First 1 week and half she was call calling and texting "I miss you" "have a good day" etc when I would do the same to her she asked for time and space. Next thing I know she unfriended me on facebook. She said it was too hard to for her to see the pictures of us together, & that she had a lot of mixed feelings. She said we were broken up and that she needed time to sort everything out. I told her "Okay have a good day let me know if you need anything" 2-3 days later she adds me back as a friend.
    I should known then just do deny the request but I still love this chick so I accepted. Couple more weeks go by and its still Hot and cold. One minute he's reaching out saying "hey", "good night" "i miss scaring you" I was trying to do the no contact but then she sends a text "So are we not talking anymore" I was dumb and replied "yes I've just been busy" next day I text her and she starts ignoring me.
    About 3-4 weeks, ago she starts putting status on Facebook like "WTF", "really" "loving life" "what a great weekend" etc which she really had never done before most of her status have been about her daughter. During this whole time my friends and family have been trying to cheer me up hanging out taking me out to try and get my mind of things and of course pictures and posts with me tagged in them.
    2 weeks ago I noticed that she liked some of my status' and pictures so naturally i start browsing through hers because I still miss her and her daughter. She posted a few pictures of them and I liked them. Next thing I know I'm Blocked.
    I dont understand it either So Im curious to read the responses.

    • I've been through similar shit like this with a girl at least several times with several different girls and I don't understand this behavior in general. They will bait you to give you attention then your crucified for it. If you don't give them attention then you also are and called an asshole basically. I really wish I knew the logic behind this behavior.

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  • So Block him and leave him blocked


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  • he delete you, that is why know you see his profile private...He got angry when he read your message of telling he how coward or liar he was, which is the true, but some people, men or women, doesn't like to read the true and confront problems. He the deleted you after reading your message, because he don't wants to keep reading the true of how you felt. If he is truly at least a man and respect you as human being he should at least apologize. Because you didn't anything wrong, he was the one who did wrong, he could have told you the true as a brave men, not a coward and liar...

  • He was probably annoyed at what you did and wanted to cut you out, that's why he did that and after a time, he cooled down and thought about unblocking you. So he did. I would not contact him or look at his FB account as it will only insight you to question his motives for doing this or that.

    You are best leaving him to it. He may not have given the closure you wanted but it is high time to move on. He didn't respect you enough to tell you the reason and being on a dating site behind your back is not the actions of someone in a relationship.

    • I can see his profile but its private so I can't see anything. Also, he wasn't actively looking on the dating site when we were together, though we both had profiles. He hardly logged in. I don't plan on contacting him, so I'll leave that up to him.

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