How is your aftermath of your break up currently?

After being in a long relationship with a guy for over two years. I finally left him after running back to him repeatedly and facing his uncaring, miserable, selfish behaviour repeatedly and I was blinded by the illusion of my relationship that he was the best I can get and that he was everything any girl can get but it turned out to be false as I left him turning back all I found out was he was a manipulative and callous individual that will never be happy for the way he treats others and now that it's been over approx 7months I have no regret leaving him despite feeling a bit lonely now and then I am a lot happier and my stress level isn't effecting my health, I am no longer restless, crying everyday nor being emotionally upset instead I've been looking at a bigger picture and I've been motivating myself towards success, to be everything I didn't have while being with him and I've been focusing on myself and bear in mind it was hard letting go, my heart broke even had his baby yet I left because I know his not the one for me and I will never do a u turn back please feel free to say how you feel after your break up like these things take time but sometimes letting go is better than wasting time on someone that doesn't care your happiness and doesn't respect you...
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  • I have been through the same thing you have and completely understand how you feel.
    Life is a lot better when you stop waisting time with someone.
    A friend once told me..
    It's better to be happy and alone than with someone and miserable.

  • If you don't have break up in the first place then you won't have deal with aftermath at all 😛


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