I hurt my girlfriend in worst possible way, can't live without her, what to do?

so what happened is, i met a girl two week ago before i proposed her, we both were attracted toward each other, she said we should wait but i was in too hurry. finally she said yes.
while i was in relationship with her , sometimes i was being too romantic sometimes too seducive, and sometime too possessive.
aftet 2.5 week she asked me for break
i got so broken that i called her slut
after two days, i asked her for forgiveness, and she forgive me, but said she wouldn't come in relationship again, but i was keep trying on her, on day she said she likes someone else
i got so hurt that ifought with her once again
now she doesn't even want to see mt face and i can't live without her, and i don't think she is dating anyone right now


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  • You were together less than 3 weeks. I think you'll live.

    • but i have became used of her
      she always allowed me for everything, i want her back ma'am ((

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    • what about giving a sorry card and accepting all my failure? pls give honest reply

    • can we talk in private chat, i need your counseling

  • Plenty of fish in the sea man. You can't allow your anger to tarnish your relationship.


What Guys Said 1

  • If you think you "need" someone you're kidding yourself.

    And a helpful tip, women don't like men that emotionally depend on them. They like men that are islands who merely let women visit.


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