When and Where of the Next World War?

I'm saying between China and the US, but I'm a bit of a abstractionist. (Not saying that this is for sure about to happen, manly because of trade relations) but your thoughts? Fellows thinkers Discuss...


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  • A third world war would be devastating, because most of the super powers of world are equipped with nuclear weapons. If at all the 3rd World War does happen, I hope it would be between the middle east countries allied with North Korea and against the rest of the world. China would most probably join the conglomeration of Middle east countries and North Korea, mainly because China is evil. The war could end the world, I don't wanna imagine the consequences of that war. The conglomeration of US, UK, India, Israel, South Korea, will most certainly win the war, but humanity will lose the war, as the bloodshed and destruction will be a lot more than the two great wars combined.

    • China evil lol because they don't kiss the west ass but compete and want to surpass them

    • Well you don't know the destruction they did in China in the name of "Cultural Revolution", they destroyed every pagoda (Buddhist monastery) and went on to kill every Buddhist monk in their sight in Tibet, which by the way they captured.

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  • I really don't hope there's a third World War everrr, but I don't know hmm... Maybe North Korea because of their leader and how isolated and secretive they are from the rest of the world. And all their nuclear boasting and threats throughout history.

  • It will be the US and some Asian country.Either US and China or US and North Korea.

    • I think so too..Any predictions or reasons why though?

    • North korea and Kim Jong-Il are power hungry.They've tried taunting the US before,like last year,but I do think he does have the heart to nuke us heehee...

      I feel as though,America butts into too many foreign affairs,one day,we're going to get involved with the wrong situation then WWIII

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  • I doubt another war will happen without some infrastructure-collapsing event beforehand. Armies right now are at a stalemate... nobody would attack the US because we have enough nuclear weaponry to ensure that the best you can hope for is a lose-lose situation. That's the trouble with the current state of weaponry...

    • I agree, but it is now a lot easier to become nuclear capable than it was even 5 years ago. With Iran Korea, Pakistan we don't have to man power to control these much intelligence, and with al-Qaeda's goal being a nuclear attack on US soil, I just see another Hiroshima/Nagasaki much more plausible.

      But if twoo Industrialized countries went to war with one another and Nukes were launched, battle would still most likely ensue afterwards? don't you think?

      For argument sake lets use US-China

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    • Well, the thing is even if you take nuclear weapons out of the equation, the tech we have still would likely rock the sh*t out of anyone who tried to attack us. The MOAB missile developed a few years back is a non-nuclear missile that was something like 100x more powerful than the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      If you take tech out of the equation... well, we'd all be speaking Chinese.

    • Considering a non-nuclear war between China and the US I'm not sure China would be at such a disadvantage. For the past decade they have been putting a lot of effort into modernizing and expanding their military, and they also have one of the largest armies in the world, certainly larger than the US military, which is currently spread out around the globe. I would call it a close or even fight if the full force of both were brought to bare, something the US isn't able to currently do.

  • I can kind of see two different ways it could happen. One is an escalating war between China and the US, with the US involving NATO. It could possibly be started by China allying with North Korea during a war on the Korean peninsula, like they did during the Korean war (Joining North Korea and forcing a stalemate after UN troops advanced a certain distance into NK) that would be started by a war between North and South Korea (The US is automatically involved due to treaty obligations and a standing force of thousands of troops already in SK)

    The second possibility is Russian against the EU, with the EU involving the US and Canada through NATO. I only really see this happening if Vladimir Putin officially retakes control of Russia (seeing as he is still the puppet master behind Medvedev), and continues to push it back towards totalitarianism. There are already issues with Russia controlling much of Europe's energy supply, and that could be a starting point.

    Neither of those are sure things, and there is no definite timeline, though with the way tensions are escalating on the Korean peninsula, I would say that it could come to a head anytime, but it would take another international incident like the sinking of the Cheonan. The war with Russia would have to be after Putin took power and most likely after a gradual shift to the left, I would give that at least 10 years before it becomes plausible.

  • probably with Israel or with the koreas, or it could be some completely random country or maybe no more world war at all


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