Should I make my profile private so my ex won’t see?

We broke up and I was gonna block him but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Then he ended up blocked me! This is instagram so it’s not like I can block him back. I feel so powerless so wanted someone’s opinion. Should I make my profile private in case he ever gets the urge to look at my page? Almost like taking the power back? Any opinions? I just feel... dumb. I wish i would have just blocked him first but felt like that would have been too dramatic. Not anymore.


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  • Girl, you’re 29. Grow up, post a bunch of happy posts on Instagram and don’t stress about it. Just do you and you get that “power back.” You don’t have to try to prove a point to him, other than ignoring him and moving on 👌

  • Girl why do you even care? What is this imaginary power you speak of? Are you really 29?
    If he wants to see how happy you are now without him, let him! Who cares? Not you, you moved on and have better things to think about

  • You both are childish.


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