Is he ashamed to call me his girlfriend, and why?

I've been with this guy for a few months now. We started off as co-workers a few years ago, and then friends, and on my birthday we started to be friends with benefits, and now a couple. I moved to Florida and he is still in Maine, but we keep in contact daily via Xbox live and other forms. We play with his friends and such, but he acts completely different around other people when I'm in his presence. Even when I lived in Maine he would never address me as his girlfriend or act romantically involved with me in the presence of other people. Next month he is coming to Florida to see me and because he has family down here. We are going to universal with his family but he wants to act like we are just friends. He also refuses to change his status on Facebook and won't post any pictures of us together. This is very hurtful to me, and when I addressed him about it before he says it's because we haven't been together long enough, but I don't believe that. Has anybody been in this situation? How did it turn out? For some details im a plus sized woman, but I'm very beautiful and I have a very easy-going and fun personality. He isn't the greatest looking guy either but I love him for who he is. He admitted to me that he has a coworker he used to really want to be with but she rejected him. I looked her up, and they like all of each other's pictures and such on social media. I'm thinking maybe he wants to be with her and is only using me as a plan b in case they never get together? I love him but if it continues like this I most likely will leave him.


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  • He doesn't want others to know, embarrassed of you maybe? It sounds like he wants to keep you a secret. He says "it's because we haven't been together long enough", buuut, it sounds like he doesn't want people to know about you. Dump him.

  • He doesn't want others know the relationship between you. Maybe to look available


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