Can someone please tell me I’m worth it because I’m feeling so down right now😞?

I broke up with me boyfriend because I just can’t handle feeling unsure and not loved. He cheated on me and I took him back without really thinking what I was doing or giving my self time.

After that he kept on messing up. Like talking down on me and a lot of suspicious things happening month after month nothing I could of proven if it was a lie or not so I took his word. He even went a month without seeing me and we live in the same town! He was going through a bad time but that was the hardest month honestly and I took him back with open arms.

I don’t feel appreciated at all I want feel love yet I don’t. I handled stuff badly too because I was angry and felt unsure and blew up and cried. I’m so attached to him I can’t imagine not talking to him he was someone I could vent to and have by my side but I don’t think it’s worth it if I’m not happy and it’s not fair for both of us if I’m añways feeling unsure about everything.😓

He was my first boyfriend and everything else. Maybe this is why I’m finding this really difficult😣
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Thank you everyone who has sent kind words my way I truly appreciate all of you. We’ve been together for two years and I know it will be hard to get over him but so much went on in this relationship😓
Guys and girls if you are reading this please do not cheat or lie to your partner it damages the person mentally and physically. If you do not have interest in them anymore tell them and move on.
Can someone please tell me I’m worth it because I’m feeling so down right now😞?
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