Can someone please tell me I’m worth it because I’m feeling so down right now😞?

I broke up with me boyfriend because I just can’t handle feeling unsure and not loved. He cheated on me and I took him back without really thinking what I was doing or giving my self time.

After that he kept on messing up. Like talking down on me and a lot of suspicious things happening month after month nothing I could of proven if it was a lie or not so I took his word. He even went a month without seeing me and we live in the same town! He was going through a bad time but that was the hardest month honestly and I took him back with open arms.

I don’t feel appreciated at all I want feel love yet I don’t. I handled stuff badly too because I was angry and felt unsure and blew up and cried. I’m so attached to him I can’t imagine not talking to him he was someone I could vent to and have by my side but I don’t think it’s worth it if I’m not happy and it’s not fair for both of us if I’m añways feeling unsure about everything.😓

He was my first boyfriend and everything else. Maybe this is why I’m finding this really difficult😣

Thank you everyone who has sent kind words my way I truly appreciate all of you. We’ve been together for two years and I know it will be hard to get over him but so much went on in this relationship😓
Guys and girls if you are reading this please do not cheat or lie to your partner it damages the person mentally and physically. If you do not have interest in them anymore tell them and move on.


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  • Anonymous,
    Sorry to know that, we are in same boat (other way around),
    Secondly, he is first but couldn't be last. He is everything to you, which bring straight to my point...
    Time spend never come back, although you have spent your precious time on him, which you should have been careful about. Now.. no one should blame you as I believe you are innocent by heart. Don't hurt your self esteem more... MOVE ON. Make me feel the same loss that you are going through. Time heals everything. Always remember, if you can love a wrong person so truly, just imagine the love and affection that you will have for a right person. It will be pure and beautiful...

    • What do you mean like you cheated on her?
      Wow the last two sentences are very meaningful and so powerful. I loved him and showed him the love I would have wanted and ALWAYS within minutes if he needed me I was there for him for support no hesitanin me. But at the end I was getting angry at him because I felt no love and felt like his connection with me wasn’t there anymore... anyways thank you ❤️

    • No hesitation in me*** sorry I misspelled that word

    • I don't know to hurt people... Cheating is no where in picture.

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  • There is nothing wrong with you. That guy is just a dick


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  • I'm sorry for you getting attached then it ending hurts. You deserve better tho, never stay with someone who has cheated because him staying loyal to you would show how much he loves you. An don't ever let anyone talk down on you or take it to hurt he's just made an has to let his shot out because he don't know how to handle it out any other way. You deserve better honey I hope this made you feel a little better. Good luck with your situation an have a brighter future

    • I told my self that so many times yet I pushed it to the side because I thought we both would move on from the situation that not knowing how much damage is actually done and it takes a lot to gain that trust back which he failed at. But you’re right thank you❤️

    • Your welcome have a good night an just clear your mind

  • Of course you're worth it. Whatever you feel matters. If you are sad that's ok. Get through today. Just Thursday. Any thinking you find yourself doing, be nice to yourself. When all else fails you can text TWLOHA to 741 741 and a person will call you back. Here is the link

    • Thank you I appreciate you for showing me this link

    • My pleasure. Friend me if you like. I've had my share of stinking thinking about myself too. I'll gladly be a voice or typed word if you need one.

  • The first break up is always the hardest, I’m sorry you’re going through this. You’ll find a good man, sweetie, he’s out there. Just keep your heart open and don’t love until you’re sure.

    • I know this was definitely a lhard esson for me anyways thank you❤️

  • You are worth it.

  • You need time. Dont rush to get over him. Live your life, cry if you need to.

    • After this I honestly don’t want to date for quite a while. I know someone special will come into my life who I will be sure of. Anyways thank you❤️

    • Then don't. No rush

    • Rushing to find another boyfriend is the worst thing you could do right now

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