Was this a normal reaction?

we were at a party when my ex(he cheated on me and left me)found out that his best friend and I are nearly a couple. at the party he hardly talked to me and was mean somehow and asked my new boyfriend if we have already kissed us and so on..., he was also flirting with another girl and whenever I was joking around with my new boyfriend my ex told us to go to a hotel room,he got so drunk that he even vomited. to be honest I think I would have behaved the same way. 2 months ago we weren't a couple anymore but we still make out in his car ^^ and I think he took me for granted. is this reaction normal? and would you hate me if you were my ex? he still likes his friend


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  • 1. Get your thoughts straight.

    2. Run away as fast as you can from this situation.

  • Well this guy sounds like a controlling person indeed. People like that want control over everyone and just the fact that you behave differently suggests that he has control over you. When you started dating another guy this made your ex realize that he had no more control over you. This probably have caused a reaction from him. When he tells you to "get a hotel room" it sounds like he's trying to bully you and regain his control. If he doesn't usually get drunk like that then it does suggest that he did not have a normal reaction. I could be wrong but that's how I see him by the way you described him. :S


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