Why my girlfriend broke up with me out of the blue? How can I fix it?

We been too together for 6 month and everything was going great. We talked and texted each other every today. Made plans to go out. Then out of the blue, I've received a text from her saying that we should take a break because she so stress out and needed time to think and catch up in school work. I honestly don't know why she did this if it only going to make her stress out more. I have communication with her best friend and she been helping me out with this. Her best friend have told me that my girlfriend have told her she still have feeling for me that have never changed but she doesn't know what she wants to do. She makes me very happy when ever I see or talk to her. We joke around and express ours feeling to each other and I love spending every sec, hour, and min with her, but I honestly don't know why she did this especially out of the blue. She told me I didn't do anything wrong. That I make her very happy and I been a great boyfriend. What should i do? Im confused.


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  • If she needs time to catch up on school work, and she still has feelings for you, let her know you will be there to support her. Wait patiently for a bit while she figures out what she wants. She may be overwhelmed and unable to figure things out right now, and had to drop things from her life that have the least consequence. If you drop a relationship, there is always a chance to get it back. If you drop classes, there is a lasting financial and academic impact that is not easy to fix.

    Give her time, and if she asks for it, give her space.

    I hated hearing this ten years ago, but it's true. At your age, life is confusing, hard, and full of situations you have no idea how to handle.

    To use old, cliche, but solid advice, if you truly love someone, let them go. If they truly love you, they'll come back. If they don't, they were never yours to begin with.

    Give it time.

    • Thank you for this advice. It really helps clear up somethings. I have to ask within her texts that she send me, she's alway saying that she really still want to be friend at lease untill she as time for a relationship. Does this means i have a chance to fix this and get back together after she has the time to think and get everything straight?

    • That will be for you to evaluate.

      If she's that busy with school, she might genuinely just not have the time that a relationship requires. In that case, support her in her efforts to study, and let her decide when she has time to try again. If you push her to try the relationship again, it will only push her away. I know that's easier said than done from personal experience. Just be patient.

      As much as it is going to suck, and believe me, it's going to suck big time, you just have to wait for her to be ready for a relationship again. I know I'm repeating myself, but just be there as her friend. Help her when needs it or asks for it, but don't force help on her just to spend time with her.

      You will also want to prepare yourself for the possibility that she won't come back. That will suck more, but it's always a possibility.

    • It does sound like she doesn't want to lose you completely. However, as hopeful as you are she will come back, I have to go with the assumption that the information you are giving is based toward that outcome, and that what you're telling us may be selective and trying to lead us towards giving you the hope you really want.

      That's nothing against you, we all do it. It's just part of being human. Giving unbiased information when you're biased towards a certain outcome is quite difficult.

  • well as a good boyfriend, you support her in that decision. you agree that she should focus on what she wants to do, whatever that may be, and you move on. you could still love her but if she doesn't feel like a relationship then there's nothing you can do. the best form of action, move on, its really all you can do. and she should know when she made that decision that you have a real chance of letting her go too.

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