Boyfriend late thirties moved back with parents?

We broke up 4 times since May bc he was lying and o n drugs. He's clean now and I was there for him when no one was. A month ago he moved out for good and his parents are against us even talking over the phone bc they want him to get a car and get his life better. Fine. He called a week ago and asked if we could b exclusive and work on ourselves for a few months. Fine except this whole week he can't answer calls or anything when he is upstairs even. He promised after three more wk he will break the news

And that I'm not bad for him. In Nov I'll b 38 my mom has cancer and I need support. Should I move on now


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  • Not a good situation at all. It's not fair to you, he is being selfish. Sometimes you have to let go someone you love and he should be doing that.

    • Thanks wish I was a better quiter myself lol

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  • To me it doesn't sound like a stable relationship. Breaking up for 4 times since May, and legit reasons to break up... Do you think he will change? Do you think he has changed? It does sound like you offer him more than he can offer you.

    Anyway, I can say a lot of things, but in the end, it is your decision to make. You can wait for these 3 weeks to see what he says and make your decision then.

    • ThAnk u. I am so lonesome and stressed w no one to talk to I don't wanna b a runner or a self masochist lol

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    • Ur right. Thanks again I'm a Scorpio and always know what I want not now though

    • Yeah, no problem. You still have enough time to think about it. If I were you, I would think about what I have said just now.

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