Does he atill love me?

So my ex and I been together for a year and a half and everything was perfect for a year until I got drunk and ended up cheating on him with a couple but I told him right away so he decided to give me another chance, we stayed together for half a year and everything seemed fine but then out of nowhere he broke up with me and the very next day started dating this girl from work said she helped him through the break up.

It's been 5 months and I contacted him apologizing because it doesn't matter if I was drunk or not it's cheating and ik that and I deeply regret it like I would do anything to go back and stop myself from going to the party. So anyways after contacting him recently he replied and we sorted things out he said he forgave me and that sometimes he still thinks of the good times we had together and it makes him smile and sometimes he thinks of me when visiting places we used to go to but then he also said that we rnt meant to be and he won't take me back for 100 years.. so I just decided that I deserve that and my best case scenario is to just hope for a friendship but his girlfriend literally hates my guts she hates when me and him talk so he even had to hide the convo we had from her so she wouldn't get mad.
He said he wants to maybe stay in touch and gave me his email and told me to email him which I did after waiting a bit but he isn't replying so I know he doesn't want to talk or want me on his life.. so by all these signs what is going through his head? Do I have a chance if I wait like I don't wanna get in the middle of his happiness but should I even bother waiting that maybe one day he will come back?
Does he atill love me?
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