Gift after break up and blocked?

My ex and I recently went though a break up, it wasn't nasty just ended it and kinda were still both jealous over each other. He for some reason blocked me on all social media and my number I don't know why. Maybe this is his way of coping? So I decided to reach out and make him a man crate (like a gift basket but for guys) I put all his favorite things in there and got some of them even engraved. I put time, money, and effort, I wrote a nice card and left it at his house. Since my number was blocked I had a mutual friend telling him it was outside. He said I brought it in thank you. This was last night and I've yet to hear from him and anything? Is it wrong for me to want at least a thank you? Or should I never made a nice gesture? Why isn't he contacting me?
He will contact you give it a few days to sink in
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He's an asshole and doesn't deserve you
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Gift after break up and blocked?
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