Does my ex still love me?

She broke up with me many months ago but regardless still see each other on a weekly basis and are not in talking terms.

Several weeks ago, I was put into a group chat with my ex girlfriend, most of her friends, and one of my close friends. They hardly even spoke in that group chat. They simply showed a post

Last week, I blocked her on all social media. She definitely had a very pissy mood about it next time I saw her in class. I’m almost certain she knows she got blocked.

FYI she stares at me a lot.

Now that same group chat, a lot of people are constantly talking.



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What Girls Said 1

  • If she stares at you a lot she probably still likes you


What Guys Said 1

  • She broke up with you... I can feel that you are in love with her still.. Blocking her and not talking to her means you still hold grudges... If you really loved the time you spent with her. Then let her go in peace, and trust life that love will not end at your ex girlfriend


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