Hardest breakup ever?

It's more like a confession than a question. I'm not happy with my current relationship. We don't understand each other. We always argue for little things. So little by little, I lost my feeling for her. But strangely, she still has strong feeling for me. Today, I started a conversation about how we should end this relationship. She, at first, accepted my decision but hours later, she got angry and mean words to me. And then, she said she will suicide to make me feel guilty. She looked like she will kill herself for sure and that's why, at last, I lied I still have feeling for her. I got depression right now. I know being together might not be good for both of our future. I can't live in this peace-less life style anymore. I'm out of ideas so is there a way to break up with her?


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  • Sit down with her and tell her why you dont see a future between you two

    • The suicide part is problematic but get friends to See it too so they can help you when it gets further down

    • I had the same problems with my ex so talking should help it at least. If that doesn't work inform the Police that she planned something in that direction

  • I was engaged, she cheated, I kicked her out


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