Guys, Best friends to relationship to nothing?

I had a best friend for 4 years. He lived with the mother of his young boys. We were just friends. Than we started a 4 year relationship during which time he told me he loved me with his whole heart what we had was unique and special very beautiful and rare. He even asked me to marry him.
His other woman learned about us and kicked him out. During that time he continued to tell me all the same things but we did not see each other. Then one day he called and told me he loved me. He wanted me. He missed me. But he could not lose his boys. Can we please be friends. I never heard from him again. I tried to call him one time. He told me he missed me but I needed to get over it we can’t be friends.
Did he play me and lie to me all those years? Can he really just forget about me? Does he not think about me anymore? How do you just shut off your heart and stop loving someone? Especially someone you asked to marry you?
Guys, Best friends to relationship to nothing?
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