Guys, Best friends to relationship to nothing?

I had a best friend for 4 years. He lived with the mother of his young boys. We were just friends. Than we started a 4 year relationship during which time he told me he loved me with his whole heart what we had was unique and special very beautiful and rare. He even asked me to marry him.
His other woman learned about us and kicked him out. During that time he continued to tell me all the same things but we did not see each other. Then one day he called and told me he loved me. He wanted me. He missed me. But he could not lose his boys. Can we please be friends. I never heard from him again. I tried to call him one time. He told me he missed me but I needed to get over it we can’t be friends.
Did he play me and lie to me all those years? Can he really just forget about me? Does he not think about me anymore? How do you just shut off your heart and stop loving someone? Especially someone you asked to marry you?


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  • It’s possible that he was playing you, but if you felt he genuinely loved you, it’s also possible that he was trying to have the best of both worlds and it finally got to a point where he couldn’t keep two relationships going at the same time, so he made a choice and unfortunately you lost out. It’s difficult to be torn - better to move on and find peace.

    • So guys can just move on and not even have it bother them? They don't care if they hurt a woman? They don't hurt themselves?

    • Men do tend to move on more quickly than women. That said, pain caused or felt has nothing to do with gender. Both men and women can demonstrate shallowness, callousness, insincerity and the like. I’ve know quite a few woman like this, but granted, men more so.

  • What if he didn't love you in the first place? What if he was a player?
    You want proofs? Here are they :
    #The guy didn't care like at all about his wife and decided to develop forbidden "feelings" outside the marriage
    #The guy isn't serious at all (changing the relationship between you to fast, ghosting, avoid contact to avoid getting into something more messy,...)
    #The guy recalled you after being kicked out : Obvious player behavior because he didn't gave the true relationship value with his wife, like not calling you after that and trying to fix what he had done but no the guy isn't that type

    • so you think he never cared, played me and doesn't feel one bit bad about it? you don't think his heart hurts also?

  • Forget about what he says, see what he does.


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