What can I do to get over my ex gf? I don't know what else to do?

Long story short, I made her mine and we were together 2 years with one break up halfway in due to her feelings hitting a wall. We got back, it was good, and then we broke up again recently because I was falling hopelessly in love (tho I didn't confess this until the very end, as I hate saying "I love you" if I'm unsure if its mutual) needless to say, she STILL didn't feel the same. I was always secure, confident and on top of my game, never needy or clingy or jealous. I even read self improvement articles and relationship articles trying to be the best me I could be. But it was all in vain. It's been a month since we split and I am still devastated.

Anybody, please I need advice on moving on from this. I dont want another heartbreak like this so I have dropped all hopes of getting back with her, went NC, and am trying to accept this the best I can.

I have been hanging with friends a lot and lifting like Arnold and riding my street bike everywhere all month. Studying hard in my final semester of nursing school and getting these A's. Just started dating again. I have gone on dates with 2 sexy, funny women, was disappointed cuz I felt no admiration or spark. Had sex with another attractive woman who I like to hang out with. It was good but I felt nothing and missed the mindblowing sex with my ex. I have another date with another highly attractive woman this weekend.

I'm trying everything but I can't seem to stop thinking of my ex. I really love her and I dont know if any amount of time will change that. How do I move on?


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  • Welcome to the club. Just keep on doing what you doing right now eventually you’ll get over it and find someone else that gives you the same spark. Works each time.

    • Thanks... its just hard cuz I miss her so much but I guess I have to just keep on pushing on

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    • Yea I agree its not healthy> trying my best here. Just texted the new girl about tommorrow and we are having pasta haha

    • Cool! 👍

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