Should I text him now?

Finally went on a date with my crush:friend. After we went back to his place and made out for a bit and talked. He then called me today and said he’s really sorry he didn’t mean to hurt me in anyway but he’s not looking for a relationship right now but he wants to be friends. I was kind of soeachless and basically only said ok the whole time he was talking. I don’t blame him for anything we were just looking for different things and I’m happy to stay friends.
So my question is should I text him that it’s all ok and I’m glad to stay friends or leave it?
Side note I know I’ll keep seeing him around we’re in the same clubs on campus so being friends is important


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  • How strange. Yeah I'd text him.

    • If you don’t mind my asking why is it strange? I mean I have my opinion but I’d like to have an outside view on the situation...

    • Well I generally wouldn't make out with someone who I'm not romantically interested in lol.

    • Well same but I guess there’s people who do

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