Should I just quit my job?

I dated someone from my work. I know you're not supposed to do that but I ended up really liking him. Well we dated for a few months and he broke up with me, then contacted me by phone again and acted like he wanted to be with me again and now he just told me he wants nothing to do with me.
How am I supposed to deal with this? Every time I see him it hurts. even though he doesn't work in my department it's inevitable that I end up seeing his face on average once a week.
My heart starts pounding a little and I get nervous. It's been months. Should I just quit my job to get over this?
I've even been talking to other guys and ended up having to interact with my ex today and it just felt like the sky was falling and I feel like I lose all interest in other guys.

Any advice?


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  • You can't run away from this situation by quitting. Learn to deal with the situation over time. If u did quit, and you end up in a situation like this again, would you quit that job too? Think about it.

    • I don't know how else to get over him though

    • Keep reminding yourself that it's over. Use the power of your mind.

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  • Dont quit your job over some guy.. If you do that, then he has won I would suggest you take a holiday, and get yourself together.
    Just go in and do your job, it pays the bills, and gives you the life you can enjoy. Don't let him ruin that as well.
    Really who is he to you? Nothing, fuck him. You will never develop a strong mind, if you always run away from things that you find hard to deal with.
    You got yourself into this mess, now be strong enough to deal with it.

  • Sounds like a hot cold relationship. To fix these kinds of matters you usually have to find the piece making it cold lest you two will be put on freeze regardless of how fiery, intense or passionate the relationship is. Think of it as every 3 weeks a fire grows and you two want to get back together, after 1 week all the sudden things are getting rocky. This usually has to do with something that's happening in which it's like throwing ice cubes on the fire. Slowly but, surely a break up is inevitable. If you want it to work out find out what's causing the freeze and if you can't find any answers; he's just using you when he's lonely.

  • Quit, move on

    • You think I should quit?

    • Yeah, seen this a lot, you won't be able to get over it if you keep seeing him, best in my opinion to just stop all contact

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