Should I just quit my job?

I dated someone from my work. I know you're not supposed to do that but I ended up really liking him. Well we dated for a few months and he broke up with me, then contacted me by phone again and acted like he wanted to be with me again and now he just told me he wants nothing to do with me.
How am I supposed to deal with this? Every time I see him it hurts. even though he doesn't work in my department it's inevitable that I end up seeing his face on average once a week.
My heart starts pounding a little and I get nervous. It's been months. Should I just quit my job to get over this?
I've even been talking to other guys and ended up having to interact with my ex today and it just felt like the sky was falling and I feel like I lose all interest in other guys.

Any advice?
Should I just quit my job?
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