Can anyone give me some feedback? I'm not trying to assign blame (although I'm probably in the wrong)?

This girl and I had been on and off a lot last year (2016) and we never had sex, and she never seemed interested, but we were friends before hand I know she had sex with all of the exes she had been with as long as I've known her. Most of the guys she dated broke her heart really bad and left her in a bad place. But anyway we ended up having a falling out around Christmas time. We slowly started talking again recently and we were working on things but never got together. She kept getting hot and cold on me, would say things like I could move in with her, wanted to take things slow, talked about our wedding, honeymoon etc but then would do a 180 and ghost me (like straight up ignore me) and never hear about it again. I kept trying to ask her about sex (like if we get together again.. are we gonna have it this time?) because she still never seemed interested, and she kept saying "she didn't want to talk about it" and that it was all I cared about. Needless to say I finally told her I thought it felt like when we were dating at times she'll never love me as much as her exes and the reason I asked her about sex all the time is because I thought if she said we could have it someday it would validate me. She told me that I had no idea what she's been through, that I was the scum of the earth, that she hated me, and I'm a piece of shit and now won't even talk to me.

why am I such a shitty person? I feel horrible for hurting her.
What can I do to convince her that I'm sorry and that I truly do love her and I can wait for sex.


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  • It doesn't sound like you two are a great fit for each other.


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