Give the man a second chance?

One of my (woman) friend has a partner who keeps abusing her, that man is somewhat obsess to her. He even monitor her to workplace whenever he has time. Then gets angry every time he saw her with other man. One day, that man decided to end their relationship. My friend’s so thankful for that. She’s been waiting for him to leave her alone. But she’ll their child. She even spread the news to her acquaintances. She’s so happy, that finally she’s free. But after how many days, the man regretted, doing romantic gestures to my friend. He apologised saying he wants their child and my friend back. Why would a man left a woman then after a few days, he decided to come back? Do you think my friend should accept him for the second time? Why/ why not?


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  • Abuse is never okay, and why would she sit through it, who da hell knows. But im fat on giving secobd chances but same time i won't feel the same. She needs to put her foot down and he needs to listen. Cause now the new found relationship is no longer about them two but the child abd bills. Thats it. Itll take awhile to trust again so thats that.

  • If he is abusing her, he has had his chance, he left he should stay gone. The woman and child will have a better life without an abusive partner.


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