I need to end it. please help!

OK so me and my girlfriend have been together for a year need a half. Need its been downhill since the 2nd month. Things started off great, but then everything just got messed up. She was the first girlfriend I ever had so I was in that whole love stage. I gave up everything for her to make her happy, family, friends, everything. Need I think it gave her this feeling of power or something. Cause she developed issues really fast. She would get p*ssed over the stupidest sh*t. If I wouldn't text her within a few minutes after getting her text she would flip need ask if I had girls over, if we watched a movie and a girl was even on screen for a second she would flip out need accuse me of checking her out, if I go out with her need walk with my head up she says I'm a pervert cause theirs girls around me need I might see one(I know its pretty bad). So I need advice quick cause this past month its been the worst need I don't even want to be with her anymore cause all we do is fight. A few days ago I had to go to my gramas funeral an hour need a half away need we were fighting all day on the day that I was leaving. Need she told me if I left town that she was gonna get coked out need fool around with hella guys, record it, and send the videos to me. So I explained to her that this was family need I have to go. She got p*ssed need said she comes before my family need everything else in my life. So I went anyways need just said screw it. well I got back today need had 20 emails from her saying she's freaking out because I've been gone to long need I'm hurting her because I just left her for the funeral. I want things to end need I don't know what to do. If I don't respond to her ill feel like a d*** just ending sh*t without a goodbye or anything. but if I tell her how I feel she blows up need gets all emotional saying I don't love her cause if I did I wouldn't leave. So I'm stuck, and I need some advice. please help me out..


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  • Okay, I can see how this is difficult from your standpoint.

    But, what you're in is no longer a relationship. Relationships are when two people are happy together, trust each other, respect each other and their family etc. Your "relationship" doesn't pass any of those tests.

    She doesn't trust you, is controlling, disrespectful to both you and your family, and in doing all of that she has made you unhappy. Therefore the best thing for you is to break up with her. How you go about doing that is up to you, but I would recommend doing it in a neutral environment like a park or something. And drive separate cars too, because the ride home would be awful.

    And whatever you do, if you decide to end the relationship, DO NOT back out at the last minute because of guilt and do not apologize the next day or anything. You'll probably feel like a d*** for a few days, but do yourself a favor and don't consider going back to her until you've had an ample amount of time to get over the initial shock of the breakup and allow yourself time to begin thinking clearly again

    Hope that helps


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  • Just tell her it's been great getting to know you but I can't handle all her leashes on you! Family DOES come first! They have been there for you your whole life, She's been in it for a 1.5 years of it. I think family trumps a girlfriend. Normal (sane) girls would understand that! ha ha no offense to her...don't say that but just tell her she's overwhelming you with her handle on your life. Say you need space and that she's just not the girl for you.

  • ummmmm No offense to your girl, really I don't want to offend her, but I think she might need to check into a mental hospital. Death... it changes things and this was a time when you needed her to stand with you and comfort your loss, not go galavanting off and threaten you. You have enough on your plate w/out adding her drama. I don't know you, I don't know who you are, or what you're like. Nor do I know the good side of how your girl treats you. I must assume that there is a good side to her, why else would you have been with her so long? But, buddy, you honestly need to move on. Make it clear to her that this kind of behavior is unhealthy for you and her, and that it isn't OK to treat you this way. For your own sanity, you need to get away from her. This isn't a good relationship that you're in and you could be in danger from her. If she can go to a hospital, it might be worth it to stay with her, but I really doubt that she would change. I'm sorry.


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