How to lose interest in women?

I know that God didn't create any girl for me. I know that love and relationship are not for me. I want to put myself out of my fuckin misery. One of the main cause for which I am battling depression. That's why I want to lose interest in girls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Hoping for a help.


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  • No girl wants a guy like you, with no confidence and depressed. Change that. Start living a fulfilling life. Join some clubs you're interested and make friends. Get a job if you're old enough to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and make money at the same time. Work out and put effort into your appearance. All of these things will increase your confidence and lift you out of depression.

    • Thanks for the advice bro. I will give a try.

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  • I've known people who fell in love and got married for the first time in their 50s.

    I'm kind of in a similar state as you, although I'm not giving up entirely. The key is to find a hobby that you are passionate about and dive in headfirst. Give your life meaning.

    • Wow. That's Great. Perhaps, I should stop giving a try to relationship related stuff and start giving a try to career related stuff. <3

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    • Thanks for the advice bro. Love ya ❤. 😭

    • I should start thinking about my career.

  • You will get girl at right time...


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