Will my ex ever come back?

my ex (of nearly a year) and I had a mutual break up because I fell pregnant and he was against the idea of a baby but I wasn't so we split. He kept contacting me now and again but he moved country admitting he wanted a fresh start because he was scared! I didn't bother him at all. He then contacted me from his new number abroad saying he wanted the baby and wanted home which was great. But we spoke for a few days and I broke it off because it was too hard him not being with me. I then found out he's in a relationship with another girl as well😨! A girl from back home that was in his group of friends. I confronted him about this because I had found out through social media which he never posted anything about me on but they've been together not even 2 months since we split and she's all over his social media? When I confronted him he blocked me I spoke with his mum who didn't know a thing about her. She called every night that week because I had blocked him and he was begging for me to contact him I eventually gave in and skyped him and he cried for over an hour saying he wanted me back, wants to be at the birth, he's made a huge mistake and there relationship is nothing like ours was😣 I pushed him away and told him I wouldn't get back with him or forgive him hoping the playing hard to get would work but since then I've not heard from him or his mum in over a week now?😭 He's still with this girl, will he ever come back? Is she a rebound? Please help?
Will my ex ever come back?
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