Girls, Asked her out and now I am confused?

Ok so I tried adding a hot girl from college on Facebook. However I didn't introduce myself so she ignored it. Then across the canteen she kept looking over at me n sulking to her phone. So now she sits in one of my classes and I walked in she was staring at me head from toe? So she never speaks at all , and she kept looking at me all day. So at lunch I introduced myself to her and the other new course members. Then I walked off but she kept staring Then we went into class and that was it untill next I sat at her table to use charger and then we got talking and I noticed she would always listen intensively , tease me for not remember her name like it's a crime and just general flirting etc. Another girl who is a friend sat at our table and cz we didn't finish our task we had to share emails so I joked to the other girl that getting her email was the next big thing to coffee lol. But then my crush would go quiet m stare at her phone I joked around n said can I have your number wink wink m she gave her email and number. two days later I send a text saying she's hot etc n I want to go on a date and she said she's not single even though in person she said she was. So now her and her friend keep staring at me in library and she keeps smiling to herself. We didn't speak also I'm kinda confused


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  • She likes you too but a little shy

    • What would you suggest I do?

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