My EX's hates me?

I dont want to be hated by my ex, she's a really nice girl, and i still kind of like her, i want to know the way to at least be friends, by the way... she blocked me on whastapp :(


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  • I'm in a similar situation as my ex cheated on me and we tried staying friends but it's tough when one still has feelings for the other. Not knowing how your relationship ended I'd say give her time and space and if she wants to remain friends she'll let you know.

    • So, its not in my hands, it on hers, right?

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    • We work together so yeah tried remaining friends so work wasn't awkward. Outside of work i want nothing to do with her

    • No, she never cheated on me, by the way, she blocked me on whastapp but no on Facebook, she responds my massages at least once a day

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  • Lol. Just tell her this if you can, unless that's your only way of contacting him.

  • Well, what happened to make you exes?

    • I went to the USA and she was in colombia, we where able to be in the relation ship, with no problem, but after 8 months, i went to colombia and everything was perfect, things got ugly after i left again.

  • Did you cheat on her?

    • No, i was way to jealous

    • Well get into a position where you'll be less jealous. Maybe find a new girl and then try to be your ex's friends again

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