He's baaack... my ex resurfaced about a month ago, but why?

After accusing him of cheating, being strung along, got proof he was cheating and confronting him in June to be told once confronted he's working on things with her cause She's the constant one he goes to in between each relationship for past 4 years he actually started texting me again. I figured after finding out so much about his pattern and confronting him he wouldn't have the balls, but nope it started with blank text cause he had me blocked for months, why I'm not sure I never attempted to reach out except day after confronted but whatever, then when I didn't respond just got ok, two nights later ok, then a message I think about you everyday and continued and I continued to ignore him till I was drunk 2 weeks ago and sent a message just saying how I've been hurt which didn't mean to send and once I was sober next apologized and said ignore it was drinking which sparked him blaming me for what happened which I ignored. Then he sent me back the message I sent him, I ignored, then again how he thinks about me everyday ignored, then a blanket sorry. So that sparked conversation. I told him I'm not opposed to talking and remaining a part of my life but needs to have a conversation about what happened and confront his behaviors, stop placing blame, and I said I don't know you as a person. So I figured he'd go away then, but still continues. We met up yesterday because I was upset but wasn't willing to talk about issues so unproductive and I made it clear several times I'm not going to have sex with you and we need a conversation. Why is he back? What does he want? He still has me blocked on instagram why don't know never liked, commented, messaged him on there just caught him cheating through social media, his facebook is private and hers, but can see as of just yesterday liking each other's photo updates, so why are you bothering me if she's still there?


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  • You broke up for a reason keep your distance play it safe

  • He never went under the surface

    • I'm pretty sure he legit has a personality disorder with what I've learned about his behavior, but if I'm wrong I can't see what he wants. Why this other chick allows herself to be recycled like trash year after year to be confronted and messaged by women he's dating multiple times I don't understand bit I even told him I'm going to stop responding to you I'm not playing games and I haven't nothing to lose in this now and not sure if there's anything to gain talking to you, but he continues... like where is she? She was convinced I was one of 2 other women not my name when I messaged her to prove he was cheating like you've gotten these messages before and her response was we're happy, does she know her happiness is missing me and meeting up, what's his game plan here?

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    • See you answered your own question

    • Yea I've been trying to heal in therapy ever since this all happened months ago but when you loved someone that deeply you want so badly to believe they aren't a shitty person

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